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Diana Gibson


Technical and scientific translations

Innovation is useless if its recipients do not understand it.

Innovation vigorously drives agricultural activity. Day by day new products are researched, developed and developed to improve crop yields and, ultimately, the food production, without neglecting general health and well-being.

A key tool for this work to bear fruit is the communication and on many occasions it is essential to resort to the translation. When this happens, it is necessary to interpret correctly highly specialized texts and reformulate them with rigorous accuracy using the means of another language. Is it possible to do this without having adequate technical and linguistic knowledge?

We offer a service backed by a solid training in both fields together with extensive experience, which gives each text a high degree of quality and guarantees the perfect fulfillment of your communication objectives.

2011 Diploma of translation from English to Spanish.

Chartered Institute of Linguists. IoI Educational Trust (United Kingdom)

2008 Master in Medical-Health Translation

Jaime I. Castellón University (Spain)

1983Agronomist Engineer with Phytotechnical Orientation

Buenos Aires University(Argentina)

1995-1998 Research in electricity consumption.

Red Eléctrica de España

1985-1991 Research in Ecology and Plant Physiology.

IFEVA www.ifeva.eduar/engver.htm. Buenos Aires University

1998-2001 Collaboration in the writing of books and magazines.

RBA Revistas (El Mueble, Casas de Campo) and RBA Libros

Gardening and Landscaping

1994 Functional Ecology (8): 536-542

1992 Annals of Botany, 70(1): 69-74

1991 New Phytologist, 117: 461-471

1990 New Phytologist, 116(4): 565-572.

1987 Energy Use and Economic Output. In Environmental Economics. En: Environmental Economics. G. Pillet and T. Murota (eds.), p. 169-184

Since 1995: Agriculture, phytosanitary products, biological control, plant breeding, biodiversity and environment.

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Medicine and pharmaceuticals

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